comptabilité & salaires

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Accountancy and Salaries

The Employment and Salaries Department at Pletschette and Meisch provides its clients with its professional expertise, taking over responsibility for managing salaries, whether the client is a small or medium enterprise, a small industrial company, a public organisation or one of the many professional groups or partnerships in Luxembourg.

Thanks to its IT tools and customised service, the Employment and Salaries Department also undertakes responsibility for managing salaries, including making the necessary calculations and drawing up of salary slips, keeping salary ledgers up to date, managing tax withholding slips, Social Security Centre (SNOCS) declarations, and even the transmission of data to the Social Security Centre. But its responsibilities are not restricted by any means to matters purely relating to salaries: employment matters generally are managed by our services, for example, day-to-day recruitment or recruitment of new staff, analysing motivation, mobility and capacity of existing staff, administrative formalities with regard to Social Security and taxation authority administrative procedures, etc. Moreover, professionals who wish to do so may make use of the expertise of the Department in matters relating to employment and social security law.

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